Clearly, a strong and diverse membership is essential to our success as an organization. The existence of an organization depends upon a number of things like unity of command, delegation of authority and responsibility, teamwork and leadership, each one of which entails a strong support of our present Executive and membership.

To this end I think that LMFRA Executive has three main functions:

     1. To set Standards
     2. To measure standards of performance
     3. Finding and keeping the best possible football officials.

All three of these functions are simplified and will be turned into long term sustainable success if YOU ensure that WE fill the organization with the right caliber of people. It then becomes obvious that becoming a powerful recruiter and retainer of good quality officials is one of the most important roles OUR organization must possess. The success or failure of any organization is dependent on the people within the organization, thus finding and retaining the right people IS OUR #1 PRIORITY.

Look at any recruiting as an opportunity to discover people that are an ideal match for any position within LMFRA. The best way to start is to FIRST – seek out and find potential members for example [present or former members of football teams]. Second define the characteristics, skills, knowledge and most importantly what attitude they must have [Level Training & clinics]. Third – train, develop, and continually communicate with our NEW members [Mentor Program]. You can never know if someone is suitable to fill any position unless you have created a clear picture of what you are actually looking for.

Simply put, membership is our lifeblood