Thank you, LMFRA

Please share this with all the officials who have worked games with my Taj and your executive.

I just wanted to send a big thank you to your association and to all the officials out there who have spent time at games encouraging and mentoring my son in the game of football. My son Taj is now entering his 3rd year as an official. During this time I have seen the transformation in confidence on field. The officiating has improved his knowledge of the game, has given him the confidence to clarify with coaches what is legal and what is not legal and made him a better player on field also and a knowledgeable teammate. I also have ADULTS in community football come up to him and ask him questions off the field.

I have always been grateful of the adult refs on field as they provide him with guidance and critiques but always in an encouraging manner. I appreciate their joking and clowning around with him during half times and breaks because it allows him to be apart of a team of all age groups such as in the work force. Great preparation. There has never been one moment he has complained or said I do not want to do this. He always comes back.

Keith Cawthra – Keith is firm and funny – lays down the expectations and encourages him to get out there. Taj would never do some of things he does BUT because Keith says “Nope, you have to.” He does it. I owe a lot to Keith and many of the others like him out there pushing Taj. I only wish many other football players had this opportunity presented to them by their parents. It will go along way in his development to deal with conflict and leadership. I thank you all in helping me mold my son into a young adult. Big Loves to the LMFRA!

Chel Sanghera President, VCFL