1 Hold R88 Called Correct https://youtu.be/jQTt6WPgTrA

A flag was thrown on R88 for holding. R88 lines up in the backfield
behind the QB. This is a subtle but effective hold taking the tackler
out of the play. It was at the point of attack. Graded Correct.

2 Hold B76 loses position Correct https://youtu.be/6kUcgIX0fGY

A flag was thrown on B76 for holding. As the defender goes by B76,
the right hand reaches around and you can see it on the defenders
numbers. The grab is just enough to take the defender off his path to
the QB. It was graded correct for the Umpire. The Referee still had QB
protection so even though this was technically on his side of the line,
a downgrade was not required.

3 Hold B56 Correct https://youtu.be/L-ZK3r7_SVc

A flag was thrown on B56 for holding. As the defender goes by, B56
has his arm around the defenders neck. This was flagrant enough to
draw flags from both the Referee and Umpire. Graded Correct

4 Two Holds – W85 & W82 Correct https://youtu.be/NsWAktNn_H0

The Umpire had a flag for W85 holding and the Referee had a flag for
W82 holding. Lets watch W85 first. The defender comes through the
“gap” and W85 never really has position on the defender. The left
arm is across the front numbers and the right arm is around the back
numbers and then W85 steers him away from the action. Now watch
the video again and watch W82. As the ball carrier cuts inside, W82
loses position, and “hooks” the defender, creating an opening for the
ball carrier. Both calls were graded corrected.

5 Hold B63 Holds too long KO Correct https://youtu.be/s-AYsStArqs

A flag was thrown on B63 for holding. B63 latches on to W72. His
hands are outside the frame, and he pulls the defender in closer,
never really letting go. This was a second wave block and was called
by the DJ. Graded correct.